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  • MultiKillerjoe reply he's just trolling its what he does to get that ad money i'm not gonna complain i'm not a fan either im not subbed to him but i do respect the fact that he's trolled everyone in thinking he is really like that but his not but besides that honestly he could have done other stuff to get attention without sounding dumb
  • AceAcer2 reply Am i the only one thinking this guy looks better with a mask ? If this guy isn't a troll his IQ is probably lower that the temperature of my city during winter :P
  • Aaronshy reply Wow Goobergab has no idea what he's talking about. Oh and by the way one of the people he's against is a youtuber I subscribe to....that I haven't seen in a while......the one in the knight helmet.
  • whitezombie reply Why are you even dignifying that troll with an answer is beyond me. Like Greg aka The armoured sceptic said back in the day , its about the message not the face , which was why he did not want to show his face . He felt it would distract from the message.
  • Leadhead reply Why give this shit stain of an excuse any platform whatsoever?? He is just so fucking retarded, it's simply painful to watch.
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