Why ReasonTV Is VERY Unreasonable

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  • DiscoProJoe reply I'm a hardcore libertarian (in favor of open borders and opposed to antitrust laws), and I dislike this Lauren Southern video. Looks like my one-month sentimental "honeymoon" with the alt-right -- over Google's firing of James Damore and over Google's big-brother-style corruption -- is over. Glad I moved out of the U.S. many years ago. Just as I predicted, the American "left" and the "right" (and even those who call themselves "libertarian") are getting more and more ***authoritarian*** by the minute. Glad I never, *ever* jumped on that stupid, asinine alt-right bandwagon of losers that bashes feminine guys, hates immigrants, fears Muslims, loathes China, peddles nutty Alex-Jones-style conspiracy theories, and that can't even recognize a freaking authoritarian leader *as an authoritarian* when one is standing right in front of them. Need I say more? Go figure. And, of course, I find it hilarious how Lauren still chooses to support Google with web traffic by keeping her videos on You...moreTube, and how she still posts new ones there. Four weeks ago, by contrast, I deleted all my videos from YouTube (leaving behind a short "Boycott Google" video in its wake), and re-uploaded them here on Vidme. But then again, I guess Lauren's hypocritical behavior is considered reasonable in the messed-up USA where sickness is health, war is peace, ignorance is strength, and freedom is slavery. Would the U.S. dollar please hurry up and collapse, and get this arrogant American crap over with?
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