Protect Diversity By Not Speaking About Crimes

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  • notatheist reply Just keep your mouth shut. That will solve all problems.
  • ev_masters reply I'm glad cthulhu awoke from his slumber to help chastise the marxist policies just before we join him in his watery grave following the end of the world.
  • [ – ] Ndoki reply FRIST!
    • [ – ] Ndoki parent reply Also, if being denied not only protection, but even being able to speak out about being abused is "the good of diversity" then it is not good. How can they not see it's this very mentality that is causing the far right to rise up?
  • SlickDriver reply Not answering the question, is the tactic, that works for criminals. Here in USA the Police have repeatably disappeared when ANTIFA arrived. As we all know, when You give a bully a pass, they will increase their bullying.
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