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  • SFCspectacular reply I like the twist LOL I thought you were going to make a lame verbal joke LMAO. Thumbs up!
  • DylanSwain reply I'm loving these vids dude!
  • Plimblechip reply Did the pepsi dieded?
  • DeskZombie reply This skit was humorous and unexpected! I had to watch this a second time because I couldn't discern the gun from the microwave (maybe make foreground and background colors different in future videos). Other than that, it's a good short laugh.
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply you should take organic honey because zits are caused from a bacteria infection and doctors are never going to tell you the truth, I take organic honey in my tea and I dont get zits any more, plus fresh basil leaf on a sore for 3 days heals it, so I hope that helps, anti bacterial creams might work but organic honey every day keeps the zits away as well as washing your pillow every week with it, hope that helps you
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