Exaggeration of Details and Why it's a Huge Problem

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  • [ – ] VidTuber reply This happens way too often! Especially in the media. It can lead people to not think or to not even care about what actually happened. Keep speaking your mind man, i like it.
  • vbwyrde reply Yep. You're a thoughtful person. I'll check it out when you load it up. Thanks.
  • [ – ] vbwyrde reply Interesting point, and a valid one. I like that you present it as a non-partisan issue as well, which it is. Everyone does seem to be doing that. It's like every time people debate it comes down to "he with the most details wins". Even though in very many cases the details are wrong, or partial, or being misinterpreted. Thanks for the observation. I'll keep this in mind when people start doing that. I may say something like "You know, exaggerating the details doesn't actually make your argument any stronger. In fact, it kind of does the opposite." That'll get em. :)
    • Darkmonsterccc parent reply yeah I know. thanks for commenting. I like reading people's thoughts on my videos. Also I'm just about to upload a song I recorded back in july. It's called political hypocrisy, and if you are vaguely into politics and music, I recommend you check it out
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