Top 5 Most Massive Video Games

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  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply Really great video! I've only personally played GW Nightfall. It is really enormous. And put together with the other expansions it's unbelievably huge. I haven't discovered everything even after - what? 8 or 9 years. haha. Becoming a Legendary cartographer is indeed an achievement. Even after all the years and the graphics it's still a game I return to even after GW2. Nothing beats the pre-successor
    • GamerRaf parent reply Hahaha I dont think that it is humanly possible to explore everything in it. Newer doesnt always mean better. There are a few games that I rather play the originals.
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply First time viewer. Those numbers for the top 2 are insane.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah, they are pretty crazy. I dont think that it's possible to walk or visit every single place in these worlds. Thanks for watching!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Its obvious people wouldn't choose No Mans Sky now considering all the complaints of emptiness it got, never saw anyone play the other game though. Probably worth mentioning that bigger isn't always better, especially when there's not much to do.
  • NickOfTime reply MINECRAFT IS BIGGER THAN EARTH?! Well, then.....good ol' Terra better hope I never take a pickaxe to it. :)
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