Let’s Do Some Actual Good

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  • [ – ] akatheSkay reply This is exactly why the internet needs to stay a free medium. When those in power do nothing we have to go vigilante as fuck exposing these things.
  • [ – ] TheScreaminGoat reply The "father" is scum and should be put behind bars.
  • Rayman327 reply This was pure child abuse and exploitation for-profit. Unfortunately there are fans of his who still support this scumbag. Hopefully he's smart enough not to make a comeback.
  • xDIZOx reply That is just sick, they should be thrown in jail
  • CiliRat reply I actually see that Scum bag from time to time in my area. If I see him again I may have to restrain myself.
  • Cellblock776 reply Oh sure, I leave YouTube and all hell breaks loose as soon as I'm gone.
  • Luciful_Mephisto reply God bless Computing and Suityourself. You guys have a good soul.
  • BigThoughts reply Great to see you help others Dave! Not only that but everybody that helped, to bad I didn't notice.. If I can do something, let me know!
  • KevinXY1989 reply FUCK THAT CEO! SHE'S A SHITY CUNT!!
  • GATTACA reply it's just a prank bruh
  • DanielHuntington reply Thank you for spreading awareness for the GoFundMe page. Really appreciate it. Hope these children have a better home.
  • ADHuck reply Thanks Dave! This is what a community can be about.
  • Kentantino reply happy they finally did something does people are the scum of the earth.....poor kids.
  • SamEarl13 reply Sad that their fathers probably sitting there counting his money and not actually giving a damn about his kids. Sadly I can't afford to give anything but I'll definitely share this video instead.
  • DatWhiteguyJ reply Honestly this is sickening, I mean what's the difference between their channel and posting exposing content of the kids on the dark web for profit? They physically and emotionally scarred these kids and since it had to go so big to get something done about it they will never be left alone. The internet will have eyes on them forever, how long will these kids have to suffer for some piece of mind?
  • Radioactiveroach reply Wall Street Journal is no better than a tabloid.
  • Radioactiveroach reply I wonder where was YouTube's community guideline strike when daddy of five was producing these videos?
  • n0dy88 reply GOT 20 seconds in and was like WELLLL!!!! Up-Voting FOR SURE! Well done! i am glad that you are using your available resources to approach a sensitive topic with a professional and wonderful manner! Great video, Great outreach! And for those who can't support due to being to young, or not having a job or struggling.. THEN please share at least! well done brother!
  • FrostyGalaxy reply I'm so glad they are sorting out horrible daddyofive
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