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  • [ – ] akatheSkay reply This is exactly why the internet needs to stay a free medium. When those in power do nothing we have to go vigilante as fuck exposing these things.
  • [ – ] TheScreaminGoat reply The "father" is scum and should be put behind bars.
  • Godhood reply This was pure child abuse and exploitation for-profit. Unfortunately there are fans of his who still support this scumbag. Hopefully he's smart enough not to make a comeback.
  • xDIZOx reply That is just sick, they should be thrown in jail
  • CiliRat reply I actually see that Scum bag from time to time in my area. If I see him again I may have to restrain myself.
  • Cellblock776 reply Oh sure, I leave YouTube and all hell breaks loose as soon as I'm gone.
  • Luciful_Mephisto reply God bless Computing and Suityourself. You guys have a good soul.
  • BigThoughts reply Great to see you help others Dave! Not only that but everybody that helped, to bad I didn't notice.. If I can do something, let me know!
  • KevinFlowers27 reply FUCK THAT CEO! SHE'S A SHITY CUNT!!
  • Mr2ndopinion reply Such a sad story... these children don't chose to be on youtube!
  • GATTACA reply it's just a prank bruh
  • DanielHuntington reply Thank you for spreading awareness for the GoFundMe page. Really appreciate it. Hope these children have a better home.
  • ADHuck reply Thanks Dave! This is what a community can be about.
  • Kentantino reply happy they finally did something does people are the scum of the earth.....poor kids.
  • SamEarl13 reply Sad that their fathers probably sitting there counting his money and not actually giving a damn about his kids. Sadly I can't afford to give anything but I'll definitely share this video instead.
  • DatWhiteguyJ reply Honestly this is sickening, I mean what's the difference between their channel and posting exposing content of the kids on the dark web for profit? They physically and emotionally scarred these kids and since it had to go so big to get something done about it they will never be left alone. The internet will have eyes on them forever, how long will these kids have to suffer for some piece of mind?
  • Radioactiveroach reply Wall Street Journal is no better than a tabloid.
  • Radioactiveroach reply I wonder where was YouTube's community guideline strike when daddy of five was producing these videos?
  • n0dy88 reply GOT 20 seconds in and was like WELLLL!!!! Up-Voting FOR SURE! Well done! i am glad that you are using your available resources to approach a sensitive topic with a professional and wonderful manner! Great video, Great outreach! And for those who can't support due to being to young, or not having a job or struggling.. THEN please share at least! well done brother!
  • FrostyGalaxy reply I'm so glad they are sorting out horrible daddyofive
  • Fliight reply Follow Me For Free Intros! - 3D & 2D No Purchase Required! Works On PC, iOS & Android Devices!
  • GoMGTOW reply Various MGTOW channels cannot be found in search results.... We have one confirmed deletion of a MGTOW account... Possibly more to follow. Prep Torrent, Stephan Molynuex, MGTOW is Freedom, Angry MGTOW, and others are not showing up in MGTOW results.
  • jj27 reply Should Susan ceo go to jail as well did she braking the law
  • MisterHan2000 reply Just watched a short compilation of the worst moments. I am officially burning with rage right now. Thank fucking God someone did something about this.
  • DLionsTigerVape reply I haven't used #youtube for anything since I found #vid.me
  • dead_man_walking reply And hey, just like Paul Watson said, "we got enough people behind the keyboards already, what we really need is more people doing the actual hard labor and foot work," or something like that. I ain't got that kind of time or resources, but, I sure as hell can drop a dub on a good cause here and there... 👊💀🔧
  • dead_man_walking reply I'm a single Dad raising my 7 yr old girl alone, with no help from the mom. I work 60- 80 hours a week and take care of my Kid alone. We live pay check to pay check. I know how hard it is. And if it wasn't for all the good hearted people out there who help us in our daily struggle, we would not be able to make it. The people who help us only ask for one thing in return. They tell me when you are able, do the same for others. I got an extra $20 on my pay pal I'm giving to the bio mom, because others have done the same for us. Imagine if the 20 or so people who commented on this post all donated $20 each. That's $400. Those of you who know the struggle and have had help in the past should feel obligated. Words are just words, and anyone can talk s***. Action is what's truly meaningful.
  • [ – ] DIFFERENT-PERSPECTIVE reply i was late to the daddy of 5 thing but what i did see was appealing, this is whats wrong with America a love of entertainment and consumerism regardless of education and consequence!, made so mad .
  • Mondmann reply Nah m8 fuck your charity case. What are you a liberal? Pssh, giving to people. Maybe those kids should go get a fucking job, or the stepmom should. Quit asking for a handout! ;^)
  • elite-jaguar reply I showed my councillor girlfriend a compilation of the abuse that the parents were dealing out to the children and she said that Cody especially was going to need therapy due to some PTSD symptoms. I think its just a extreme case of two narcissistic tendencies finding an easy wypay to profit off their children. Anyway, I'm glad that Cody and Emma at least have some refuge and I'm planning to donate some of my paycheck to help out. Thanks for the heartfelt video mate.
  • NoCopyrightJamz reply Feel free to use any of our awesome copyright free music!
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