Top 16 Anime Of 2006

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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply i just wanted to say, welcome to the vidme Community :)) Nice to see you here
  • [ – ] Everything_Animated reply Damn 2006 lol I think you fudged that....oh I see what you did there. You trolled me dude. So far I don't know many of these shows except Ergo Proxy which I still need to finish. Haruhi is the devil run for your life, but I do agree the Disappearance of Haruhi was amazing, mainly cause she was not in it. Tekkon Kinkreet's animation looks just like Ping Pong the animation's style, I wonder if that's from the same director. Higurashi is the fucking shit, I love that show, it's so fucked up and amazing. If you watch the second season of Higurashi it explains a lot about the mysteries, I recommend watching it even if the first season was better. Never got into Ouran. I need to watch Welcome to the NHK. Black mutha fucking Lagoon is the best OMG they need more seasons of that, one of the fewer animes I'll wait to watch dubbed over subbed. Never heard of Zegapain. And of course Death Note will forever be a classic. Good list buddy.
    • RSNAnime parent reply Yep, I spent a time of time watching anime and editing this video just so I could troll people by making them think the video title was a typo. Well worth the time. Most of the ones near the bottom of the list aren't that well known, and really aren't anything special. Tekkon Kinkreet was directed by an American living in Japan, so that makes it unique, though he hasn't done that much else. Still, the animation is really cool so I think it would be one you'd like. My comments for Higurashi were for both seasons 1 and 2, though I still haven't finished the final arc of season 2. I wanted to before making this video, though I don't think the final arc will change my opinion much on the show. NHK is a really cool show, quite messed up at times, but it's one I'd recommend to pretty much any anime fan, even if it has quite a bit of cringe. I couldn't see watching Black Lagoon subbed. You know I tend to prefer dubs to subs, but normally I'm fine with either, but that's a show that has...more to be dubbed. Zegapain is something special, I need to do a full video on that one. Death Note, of course, it's one of the most popular anime for a reason. Thanks for the comment, now to try to figure out more of how this website works.
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