Top 11 WTF Alternate Movie Endings

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  • [ – ] valereth reply the scariest thing about todays politics is how violent hate hate filled the left has become
  • [ – ] chaosking224 reply Little shop of horrors original ending is the best and I will fight you if you disagree. I mean how can anyone say the ending where the main character kills two people and gets away with it Scott free is better than a successful alien invasion? (Plus it's the original ending in the musical the movie is based on)
    • [ – ] Seawolf25 parent reply because it doesn't fit with the rest of the tone of the movie. while the original ending is exactly how they played it out in the play. the movie took a bit of a different approach.
      • [ – ] chaosking224 parent reply But the story in both the film and the play were verbatim the same. Same story, same characters, same songs, same plot progression. The only difference in the theatrical release was the ending. The play's tone was just as campy, the only reason they changed it was because it received negative reviews for "being such a downer" really a shame because it's the only version where Seymour doesn't die due to his actions of feeding such a dangerous and carnivorous monster
        • [ – ] Seawolf25 parent reply I say tone is different but its because of frank Oz direction. not to say that the original play sucks or anything, I Love it.
          • [ – ] chaosking224 parent reply Maybe it's because I saw the play first before seeing the movie and I fell in love with the original ending. And the way that both versions were just so similar. I'm not mocking the film. I love the movie. It's one of my favorite dark humor, and it's an excellent adaptation of the original Broadway play. I just hate that they kept everything the same between both versions but then decided to change the ending, not because of creative change or artistic differences but because it didn't test well with the initial viewers. In it's "I am Legend." in that regard where for the most part the adaption is reminiscent of the source material all the way until the ending where it takes a complete 180 because it didn't make audiences feel good
  • BiGEd5 reply Channel Awesome on videme now that's awesome XD
  • conner reply THANK YOU. The original I Am Legend ending has always bothered me!
  • PorkCow reply The endings of Dodgeball and Nightmare on Elmstreet outraged me more than anything. Dodgeball was a movie that was teed up as the most cookie cutter underdog piece of trash in the world leading up to a funny, surprising ending that makes it all worth it... in the original cut. In the theatrical, it's exactly the cookie cutter piece of trash they were trying to satirize. And Elmstreet? What was the point of the movie if not one of the characters survives? Backseat driver producers are right up there with carjackers on my shitlist.
  • GreenTea13 reply I bet the guy at the end of the Titanic ending was probably laughing like crazy because he was planning on going back for the diamond later, lol
  • The-Deplorable-Man reply What's the song that plays in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 part.
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply The alternate ending to "I Am Legend" matches the book. The book is awesome. It has been made into a movie a total of 3 times. I have seen 2 out of those 3, and neither of those are close. Though the one with Charlton Heston was closer, neither had the ending right. I highly recommend the book, Richard Matheson was a great author.
  • Johnny668 reply You know the funniest thing ever I was searching for your Channel in and I always ignored this video and i never looked at the channel name at the bottom of this video silly silly me 😂😂😂
  • Salty_Dawg reply Whoaaaa! I love the new intro Doug. My goodness
  • kwendy reply ...No wonder ending of I am legend spoiled the movie for me and I forgot about it soon after thinking "What the heck? Bullshit".
  • DecadesApartProductions reply I actually love the alternate ending to Die Hard with a Vengeance because the title makes so much more sense with that ending. I know I'm in the minority but I think the alternate ending for Clerks is hysterical! Because it's a joke on Dante saying "I'm not even supposed to be here today!" Little Shop's alternate ending had me laughing my butt off. The ending for Looney Toons Back in Action is totally something Joe Dante would do. I actually prefer the alternate ending for Army of Darkness because Ash's personality changes each movie and he's not a total doofus until Army of Darkness anyway so that ending seems fitting.
  • CaptainDeci reply I don't think I've ever said this before, but looking forward to any new Nostalgia Critic every Tuesday may it be an editorial, top 11, old vs new, or a review of a movie is what keeps me going, especially since most of today was sour, so thank you! As for the top 11, I have to agree with I Am Legend's Ending. I thought the alternate really should have been how the movie ended, I hated the original ending so much that I refuse to accept it as cannon. Dammit Fred!
  • Fighting_Zenith reply 11. It makes me wonder why Kubrick even bothered. 10. While I think this film was boring and relied on every Jones/Freleng/McKimson cliché in the book, this ending could have redeemed it. 9. While I haven't seen this film, that ending deserves props. 8. I never did like Titanic, and it was when Cameron started to go to shit. 7. Cliché as you can get. Oh, and I thought that Wall-E sucked. 6. Regardless of which ending you prefer, I heard that this was a mess. 5. Even by this film's standards, this was beyond absurd and stupid. Hell, John Kricfalusi would call bullshit on that. 4. What I did see of Kevin Smith's first film was pretty good. Speaking of not being able to come up with an ending, I also have that problem. 3. This was obvious, but it was much better done in this than Alien Resurrection. 2. This felt like whiplash. 1. Hmmm...Couldn't they have like a compromise ending in which both groups live?
  • nerdleadersmart reply Your on here? NICE!
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