The Notting Hill Carnage

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  • Broomfondle reply I think the guy humping the female copper was overjoyed to be doing that to a white woman...& a police officer as well, it was a show of domination & power. I once saw a white lad,late one night in Manchester,with his mates,drunk, as they were heading to another pub,jokingly pat a girls bum...she laughed,& pretended to slap him & they went about their nights still laughing...except...a few yards away was a copper on horseback, he'd seen this horseplay(heh). He stopped the lad & ordered him to go back to the girl he had just "sexually assaulted" & apologise, if he didn't he would be arrested,charged & be placed on the sex offender register... But dry humping a female police officer is acceptable?
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