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Dreamcast 2 - The Hook

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  • TheTechnoToast reply It's sad the way the Dreamcast died. Had they waited for the Xbox/PS2/GC to be released they could've worked on the system to make it better than all.
  • DownRightGames reply Great point about nintendo struggling with third party support. And great video !
  • ByteThat reply The Dreamcast was a very underrated console. Not sure there would be much benefit to a sequel, so I'd say the Dreamcast should stay resting... :( -J
  • GoldGlove reply Nice vid
  • solarpete reply Very professional video check out my channel solarpete
  • vinnie97 reply RIP Sega hardware (owned the SMS, Genesis, CD, 32X, & DC).
  • DeeAech reply Mary-oh
  • GeekBanter reply Man, I'm really sad that I never owned a DreamCast.
  • VukBZ2005 reply Sega always named their systems different. IF Sega ever gets back into the hardware making business, I believe they would need to stick to that tradition.
  • e_jeck reply IF there is going to be a DreamCast 2, then it should be a NES Classic-like release to test the market. Put 30 classic DreamCast games on it and see how the market reacts.
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