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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Nice
  • [ – ] JoeMischief reply Hope you start building a little fanbase soon. Definitely look forward to every vid you put out.
  • [ – ] JoeMischief reply Although the widescreen would be great for the stripped back stuff you do at home too don't worry if you cant... The music speaks volumes and is more important in the bigger picture.
    • [ – ] ChasingStars parent reply I am in the process of getting a better camera to do videos with. so hopefully soon I will be able to do more. I am learning as I go. you know?
  • JoeMischief reply Is great to see it filmed in a widescreen format too!
  • JoeMischief reply Hey buddy. Great little video. Doesn't need to be complicated to have an appeal and I love the candid access to your life.
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