The Islamification of Britain is underway! The British start to fight back!

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canada got some Great News May 27, 2017 We have a new leader in our Opposition Party Conservative that has values of supporting Canadians. One of his promises was to eliminate the Carbon TAX. He said it's shameful how they TAX home heating fuel. Now we need to get him elected in 2 Years. The current leader Trudeau showed his pink socks at the G7 as he is a Feminist. I think people should start a trend by presenting him pink panties or pink socks, maybe even some sarcastic remark like put them on or give us a kiss now. LOL Faith Goldy: Trump vs. Trudeau on the World Stage
  • ClimatePonziLie reply People that say their scared to say anything about ISLAM because they don't want to be a target. News break you don't have to Charlie Habdo, if your not a Muslim they want you to convert or they want to kill you for them everyone is a target for we are all Kaffir to them. The children 22 girls that were killed are Kaffir, the people on the bridge that were ran over are Kaffir, the people at the Concert in Germany were Kaffir, or watching the fireworks display are Kaffir. Well I have some bad news for people who say they don't want to be on ISLAMS kill list to consider. Accept it you already are, because your a Kaffir you on a list in some Mosque somewhere. They just haven't published your name yet.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply A person breath has approx. 40,000 PPM (Parts Per Million) of CO2 which is 100 times the concentration in the Atmosphere at approx. 400 PPM. A person Breath is not poison and breathing CO2 on a person doesn't kill them. But the Climate Change people are using the narrative that CO2 is pollution. This is how they sell their message, so we must stress that CO2 is not Pollution when ever they claim this nonsense. If fact we need to make them look ignorant fools and stress that exhaling on people isn't pollution as it doesn't kill people. Their language of labeling CO2 as pollution seem to be a pivotal point in their Climate Change pitch. We need to stop their with proof to every child and person that their wrong and say anything to promote their lies.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply We need to stress that Carbon Dioxide is NOT pollution. The Globalist Keep calling it Pollution and claiming it causes Global warming. It their biggest agenda to enslave everyone with carbon TAXES, everything they have planned has to have money and this is their next piggy bank. This money PONZI SCHEME will make the Federal Reserve look like peanuts in comparison. Every one if needs to keeps calling CO2 natural, then it harder to pretend it the reason for Climate Change. Your breath is CO2, Carbonation (Soda, Beer, Wine,) Bread Yeast is CO2, we have to change the narrative with constant facts that CO2 is natural and doesn't kill. We can't let them keep the narrative that it's pollution. We have to stress it free natural plant fertilizer, That shell fish use it to make their sea shells. Calcium Carbonate. That CO2 levels are near extinction low levels as it trapped in the lime stone after millions of years of sea shell production.
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