#RegressiveNews: SJWs Pushing For Communism

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  • [ – ] sweensUK reply This travel ban if it was Obama enforcing this ban hardly anyone would have protested, This is all about the person not the policy.
  • GalvanizedDream reply Actually, the vast majority of presidents lose the popular vote, but win the electoral. That is, according to my father, of whom I trust a great deal.
  • Vincent555 reply Funny, no Communist nation would put up with SJWs for a second.
  • Partially_Evil reply What happens on that counter if you point out the hijab is oppressive to women? Does it catch fire and blow up your computer with the cry of 'Allahu Akbar'?
  • Partially_Evil reply Better Dead Than Red Suffer not the Communist to Live Praise Kek
  • LibertyTalk reply According to Maxine Waters, President Donald Trump is bear-hugging Putin while he invades "Korea."
  • Bonanny reply Every Republican President goes through this same crap.
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