We are Exonerated by our Adversary

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  • SilverSphinx reply John - "You're a man and you own yourself." Profound words, but why do they even need to be said? Because men are conditioned from childhood to deny themselves and be subservient to the wants of women.
  • SilverSphinx reply Pro-feminist social engineering is why females are favored by teachers, employers and the Law & LEO's.
  • SilverSphinx reply Pro-feminist social engineering is why boys are getting drugged down so, "They behave like the girls." It's why men cannot speak their mind honestly around women without risking that one will complain, and complain with effect. Men get punished by society for not kowtowing to complaining women.
  • 420brian reply cant stop mgtow we are not a club you can join. mgtows don't have meetings mras do, and they allow women, retarded.
  • 420brian reply Have some Apple cider and weed lets start MGTOWing
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