Postal 2 Playthrough - I Fought The Law And The Law Won - Part 15

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply It's nice to see this Postal game again after so many years you know?! When it was first released it was a big controversy (especially in my homeland New Zealand -- not sure why since there are not many humans living there in the first place). These days it's not a big deal. Funny how the human perception of violence changes over the years based on what society is used to. I think we are used to more than before. In the past, Mortal Kombat 1 was considered very bad! Hee hee Is this the remastered version of Postal 2? I like these old school FPS style games!!! The game has not aged very well but it's still fun to play! Gonna check out your channel on YouTube now also! <3 Good stuff human!
    • ThomasCozine parent reply No, this isn't the remastered Postal 2. It's true it hasn't aged as well as some FPS' but I like it better than many modern releases. I will eventually get to the Apocalypse Weekend and the recent expansion as well. New Zealand? Nice. Is censorship that bad there?
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