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What Are Shadow People And Why Are They Here?

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  • userXVI Psst... haha..Im a shadow people =)
  • BROOKLAND_SD I want to watch this, but vidme won't play it.
  • kingsly ive seen shadows. i am a shadow -felon
  • Kikazaru I'm Christian, I come from a Christian family, and these shadow people or beings, I see and feel them often. I tend to stay up late a lot, I struggle to sleep at decent times, but most time it's because I sleep during the day. There are times though I see them when fully awake. There will be times where I will be sitting on my bed, on my phone, and I get this dark feeling. I can see the layers of where they linger. Their darkness is not the same as regular darkness, you can see clearly the lining of where they're at and how it's a darker type of blackness in a dark room. When this happens, I stare at them. They only move and grow bigger when you look away is what I found. They also like to stay in the corners. The ones I see, they keep to the corner and as you look away, they grow a long the walls, trying to surround you in their darkness. If that makes sense. I doubt most of them are good, a majority of them has a dark eary feel to them, whenever they appear, I make sure I let them kn...moreow that I am aware of their presence. Usually they vanish after some time. Also, I once had sleep paralysis. Like, to say, I was asleep and I had this dream, I can't remember what it was about though, but I couldn't wake up from the dream. I was trapped in it. I actually had to force myself out of the dream, and when I did, I was paralyzed on my bed. I was fully awake, I laid on my back but my head was turned to the side. I couldn't move, it felt as if something was sitting on me and pinning my down by my neck. When I glanced over at it, it was a giant shadow thing. Like almost a person, but not really. It was muscular, and it kept me down for about 5 minutes, maybe longer, even though it did so, I tried to fight for movement. I kept trying to force my body to move, to move my hands, to make myself sit up, just move my head off from the side and make myself look straight at it, just anything really, just any movement I can do. After time has passed, the presence was gone and I managed to be able to sit up. My body was sore, it ached pretty badly. My muscles became tensed and I needed to shake it off. I was tired, but I didn't go back to sleep. Felt like it would happen again if I was to go back to sleep, so I stayed up for the rest of the night, looking at videos, art, listening to music, just about anything to distract my mind. Yup
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