Short, stabby sharp things. More wooden Swords Reviews!

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  • [ – ] JimGiant reply I think the wooden arming sword would be good for a young child to learn some techniques with, shame about the poor finish on the grip and the fuller going through to the tip though. The plastic one looks fantastic for solo drills but for sparring there's some rather questionable design choices like having a pointy tip and very little flexibility. From the looks of it I'd rather be hit or stabbed by a steel sparring sword than that thing. Wooden training swords are dead easy to carve yourself. I made mine with a piece of pine and a Stanley knife.
    • NoFormalTraining parent reply Having tried the plastic one a bit more now, yeah, I'd be a bit dubious about what would happen if it was used for sparing, it is Very rigid but the write up for it claims it's very made of a very resilient material, and it certainly feels very solid. I've actually been doing a bit of research on ways of making some wooden swords of my own now, I just need to get me some wood and get whittling :)
  • [ – ] bekoli reply That indentation is a fuller. It is indeed _not_ for blood or to pull it out easier. It's to reduce weight and improve theflexibility of the blade. Kudos for mentioning #HEMA at all though :)
    • [ – ] bekoli parent reply Also I find it funny as hell that this sword is from a company in Waldachtal / Germany. That's exactly where I live xD
      • NoFormalTraining parent reply Well I guess it's like what they say in that Disney movies whose name I can't remember right now, it's a small world after all. Or did they just borrow that phrase?
    • [ – ] NoFormalTraining parent reply Phew, I'm just glad you didn't say First! Although you'd have every right to as as your my very first comment maker :D And fuller, that's the name, it was on the tip of my tongue ;)
      • [ – ] bekoli parent reply I don't care about this "First" part at all. Consider it an accident ;) I was just going to bed when Vidme throw SWORD in my stream. And no, the fuller is not on the tip but stops below. (Fencer humor, not neccessary funny. Usually sharp though. Hope you're not missing the point. Ahaha damn it, I have to stop this now :D)
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