Comparing Vidme & YouTube Stats

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  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply Nice to meet you on Vidme Watersurf. I am too afraid to look at mine 😖 Why did YT disable your monetization? I hope Vidme can keep evolving. I am thrilled with their announcement of the subscription payment tier rollout today.
    • [ – ] Watersurf parent reply Apologies for the late reply, yeah looking at statistics is pretty scary but it's also good to help people grow. See what people are watching and not watching. I believe vidme is working hard on analytics for their site as well, so we can get a better understanding on how our videos are actually performing. As for my YT monetization, my current channel was disabled for "invalid click activity", which is weird cause I never even had advertisements on my video to begin with as when I started my current channel over on YouTube, I was only 17. I was going to wait a year and then turn them on, only to find for my surprise, they were disabled for that reason. Trust me, I've been retrying every month ever since and have not gotten any luck. My old channel on the other hand, was disabled for copyright reasons. Completely understandable as I didn't understand the copyright laws when I was 12-16ish. Ended up losing that channel to copyright issues so I deleted it and started new. Hopefully vidme...more won't do the same thing to me for no reason. As for Vidme's evolution, I have high hopes for them and hopefully fans take advantage of the subscription services offered. Believe it or not, making skits/films does cost money, just not in the way you'd expect. Even a dollar per month goes a log way. I spoke with them today actually at their HQ about the future and they got some pretty cool stuff coming soon, that will benefit everyone, especially animators. I'm not allowed to talk about their upcoming upgrades but trust me, from what I saw, most to all creators will be very happy with the changes.
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