Part 1- Deaths of Jerry Lewis, Dick Gregory, Jim Marrs, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell +Gematria

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  • causeisezso reply Jim Marrs, was controlled opposition, and George Noory of Coast to Coast is a Freemason.
  • ncoloradofly reply It never ends. When I saw Dick Gregory I knew it would connect.
  • digitalbroadcasts reply Richard Claxton Gregory My Post: Richard Claxton Gregory = 322 Reverse Ordinal Richard Claxton Gregory = 323 Francis Bacon Richard Claxton Gregory = 133 Reverse Full Reduction EP Richard C Gregory = 44 Chaldean Richard C Gregory = 93 Reverse Single Reduction Richard Gregory = 93 Full Reduction, Single Reduction, Full Reduction KV, Single Reduction KV Dick Gregory = 33 Chaldean Dick Gregory = 174 Francis Bacon Dick Gregory = 133 LCH Kabbalah Gregory = 33 Septenary Gregory = 93 ALW Kabbalah His Mother: Lucille Gregory = 47 Chaldean
  • [ – ] Barni_Yamum reply 157+157=314!
  • deryl7777 reply Hey you 100% keep doing what you do....great insightful info.....
  • STeixeira reply But that so expected Eclipse seems to have been beneath all expectations. Some in Florida did not see any. And so were many from cities supposed to be along its route
  • causeisezso reply Did you see Google's banner with eclipse & aliens bouncing moon back and forth?
  • SauceWizdom reply I knew you had to decode Dick Gregory death.
  • [ – ] McSuperfly reply Every 18 years , 11 months or 223 synodic months (of course!).
    • McSuperfly parent reply The Saros is a period of approximately 223 synodic months (approximately 6585.3211 days, or 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours), that can be used to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon. One saros period after an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon return to approximately the same relative geometry, a near straight line, and a nearly identical eclipse will occur, in what is referred to as an eclipse cycle. A sar is one half of a saros.
  • fortycal reply Let your subscribers know some more on YouTube that you'll be up here
  • IanHoward369 reply Cool man Zac.
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