#AbleismExists! (No it doesn't)

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  • TheVileDelinquent reply What is wrong with some people. How could you feel comfortable not only centering your entire identity around ONE aspect of yourself, but a NEGATIVE one at that (no offense). Normal people don't do this. Normal people identify themselves with a multitude of positive things (or things that are at least arguably positive). For example, I identify as a Christian, family oriented, loving uncle. The fact that I like nerdy things like comics or that I am right-wing or fat comes secondary. I do not base my identity around them. I'm sure it's the same with you. I'm sure that if someone asked you, you would likely say you are a loving mother and wife first and foremost. You wouldn't list disabled as one of those top things - I'm sure - so why do these people (SJWs and radical leftists) have an obsessive need to do so? Why are these people PROUD to be victims? Why do they WANT to be victims? It makes no sense to me.
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