Did VidMe Just Kill The Trending Videos Page?

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  • Phantomdevil reply Good vid AM!
  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply Get a 50 dollar mic called snow ball on Amazon. You will sound like you're on radio. So far your video's sound like you're in a cave wrestling a baboon. I'll upvote but let's get this shit fixed.
  • Freeblaze reply youtube sold out to everyone
  • ThePreppiestMGTOW reply If Vidme keeps this shite page on, they are frealing daft cunts. It is gay, and is conspicuously well designed to welcome huge AIDS, oops, I meant ads. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • AndyBerlino reply Hmm could be growing pains, I mistake and now the home page is a bit wonky However what if they take more of a "Netflix" style where you have trending and most popular, id say its too soon to say
  • RPGenius reply You need to be the Dark Knight of MGTOW. Do more interviews with women and scare them away from MGTOW.
  • Wolfer reply Yeah, I'm always trending, but I'm rarely top 12 so...
  • American_Berserker reply Iiiii... Fail to see the problem here. This seems miniscule compaied to the crap that YouTube is doing.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply I honestly think it's a good thing. The algorithm is going to allow smaller channels who get upvoted to be seen.
    • Hagakurenomi parent reply Anyway, why not report everything? U guys are so focused on being better or more controversial or whatever that you forgot how to play united.
  • WonderfulDraws reply Now we can see trending / channels your follow / team picks. They should add new in there too. Give a better chance to new users to grow an audience.
  • Kentantino reply I'm letting it be to see what happen, but I do understand what you are trying to say.
  • [ – ] ELBADGAMER reply the changes had been removed. trending are now correctly whit all the videos :D
    • [ – ] ANGRYMGTOW parent reply Nope, It still looks the same to me on multiple browsers
      • [ – ] ELBADGAMER parent reply I clicked on hot (now called trending) and I see all the videos from my firefox. The change lasted about 20 minutes but now I see everything correct. I hope it stays with all the videos. It's the best of vid.me
        • [ – ] ANGRYMGTOW parent reply originally all the trending videos were shown on the homepage. The homepage is no longer the default trending page. That is what the video is about. That still has not been changed
  • Insidio reply Feed Back Is Always Positive ! ⚡️MGTOW ⚡️
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