BLUE BLUR™ - Ep. 3 | When Tails Met Sonic

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  • [ – ] DuesX187 reply The audio glitches out after only a few seconds :( By the way have you tried Sonic before the sequel? It's a fan game in the vein of old school sonic games that has a surprising amount of care and work put into it, which directly puts the player in the shoes of both sonic and tails, introducing how they met. coolness
    • [ – ] Sonicguru parent reply Audio seems fine with my playback. I did play a bit but my computer can't handle it. It's an old laptop that seriously needs updating.
      • DuesX187 parent reply I think its an issue with my laptop as well actually it happened on another video as well. Something about the programming on this site is very efficient but a bit twitchy with the older systems.
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