F$@#$@# WITH TRUMPS BITCH A#$ [ Surgeon Simulator ] [ WAYBACK WEDNESDAY ]

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  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply Man did you not ever play Operation?! haha
  • [ – ] danielamann reply First saw this game when PewDiePie played it.. to be honest I'm pretty squeamish and stuff like this grosses me out...Moreso just like the idea of it not so much the visual. I actually passed out in 7th grade watching a video about heart attacks. I am a weak weak man hahahah
  • Rawman reply Can i touch him! Sir you ok?!!? Hahaha. Do not trust Dr Chaotic with your medical needs...This is the perfect example of how he will treat you! Well treating trump that way is 100% ok! Haha
  • [ – ] MariachiGaming reply Uh hey Chaotic, I'd like to cancel my surgery with you tomorrow...no particular reason...
  • Chaos reply I need to play this game
  • 512markdd reply Your face with the "lightsaber"
  • 512markdd reply "Get that man another shot of Patron!" and that man was gushing blood out of his forehead lmao I was dying laughing bro
  • Wolfer reply This game is always funny lol even see the same scene so many times, it's still funny!
  • Ms_K reply lol always luv the commentary over your gameplays.hilarious "laughed when u said who am I calling,lolz"...
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