50 Followers! Thank you all so much!

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  • [ – ] JCPlus3 reply Congratulations! You guys are so cute together! :) xx
  • [ – ] TheMetalHobbit reply Oh, those roaches are so cool! Wish I could have got in there and held them. Though I'm more of an ant person, I'd really love to own an ant formicarium in the future. It is literally a dream of mine, haha. I've put it on my vision board. Sorry this is all off topic from the subs, congrats for that btw! I just wanted to ask what type of frogs Teal has. (hope I spelled her name correctly.) I've recently joined a wildlife project in the Temperate Rainforest of Canada where I live and have been researching local frogs as part of my work, though I would also be interested in doing some research on other more common frogs as well. I find entertainment in that sort of thing. Amphibians interest me, though I really enjoy insects and fungus. Sorry for the random rant there, I just get excited over strange things. Congrats on the subs once again! Glad to be a recent subscriber, I can really see your channel doing well on here.
    • Neilist parent reply Thanks! They are interesting creatures, I never imagined how many different types of roaches there are.. it's intense. Ants are pretty amazing creatures too, I love to just watch them do stuff. Teal has 4 american toads, local creatures we caught, they are the closest things to children that we have. Names: Hieronymus, Ziltoid, Pancake, and Zucchini. Glad you're enjoying the channel!
  • [ – ] Melodic_Mane reply Congratulations on 50 followers man, Here's to 500 more! :D
  • You2Nubes reply Haha this was crazy!! I was going to ask but I see in the comments they are food for the pets! Too cool! Congrats on 50!!!
  • [ – ] MajorSvenGaming reply Ohh god, you have become a featured creator :) man I am so happy for you, this is just excellent... Cockroaches are weird though, interesting choice of pets :) Congrats man, also really nice to see you and your wife chatting together :) you all are cute
  • [ – ] Hayatori reply Congrats on the followers as well as on the gold star. Glad you got featured.
  • Neilist reply AAAHHHH, I deleted someone's comment and didn't mean to! I'm so sorry!
  • [ – ] dancrivelli reply congratz man!!!!
  • [ – ] drugbunny reply OMG! save em all I gotz clips, they will still smoke.
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