Last Guardian Part 2 | Belly of the Beast

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  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Sweet! Bruh! I'm glad you finally posted another one of those. I had to hop six buses to get home to see this and some gang banger shot me in the face six times and I look like Quasimodo now, but totally worth it to see this kid play with his hyena giraffe chicken...ew, that sounded wrong. :/
    • [ – ] Neilist parent reply Damn, sounds like quite the adventure.. I just figured playing with his hyena giraffe chicken was some new fangled slang that i didn't want to know about
      • HeroicVillain parent reply You know the funny thing is, "Torico" sounds oddly like "Toriniku" - Japanese for poultry - but I'm sure there's no connection. Dude, I'm not gonna lie, I peed a little when the armor came to life. Also, I think Torico has PTSD. That would explain his fixation on that giant opium bong.
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