Legend of Zelda- Skyward Sword - Anti-Hanging Neck - Part 9

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  • [ – ] kgamer reply Hey, gonna drop some constructive criticism, so dont get your panties in a twist. This show will never be popular. Your format is the same as every other lets play channel that's ever existed and your comedy is the average level (no improvisation or comedic skill past what the general person has). The 4 of you either should maybe start taking Imporv comedy classes, your may be exporting in lower first when all your stuff is in progressive, that might be why all your footage has a ghosting effect. The borders on either side look too game grumps-e and begins the viewer with the expectation this is just a Game Grumps rip off. The entertainment industry is all about being different and showing something new. Its very easy to just say "were doing it for fun so we dont have to try", but that's just kind of pathetic. Anyway good luck with your channel guys, hope my opinions helped in some way
    • LosersPlay parent reply Thanks for the criticism dude it's greatly appreciated! Most of everything we do know though and if you're looking for something with more passion and energy put into it then I recommend you check out our individual channels. Honestly the channel is just an excuse to keep us tightly bound as friends, for this reason our uploading schedule has always been wonky and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. We know we could make everything better but this isnt about making a high quality let's play as it's not our passion. -CheesyBlueNips
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