Beer Reviews: Triporteur Total Loss Black IPA

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  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Sometimes things just hit me funny. I was laughing at the beginning when you were talking about the "Not For Pussies" on the label and it being a 7% ABV brew. I would definitely agree. Not especially weak, but not high alcohol content either. Just a random thought, you said the hops were pretty sharp, reckon maybe they put it on there for that reason? Again, just thinking out loud. Those hops may not be any stronger than some in others beers, I dunno. You would be the expert to tell me that.
    • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply It could be the hops, but I doubt it. I've had way sharper hopped beers before. Although I've also had way higher ABVs too. Also, when you refer to strength and hardiest in beers, it's usually in connection to the AVB. I honestly think they put that there as an attention grabber. If I know beer breweries, I know they will put anything on the label if they think it will sell. One of the first beers I reviewed during my YouTube Days was called "A very white porn star". I'll admit, I bought it for the name alone. There's another beer I've heard of called "The brown note". Being in radio, I'm sure you've heard the myth of the brown note before. Again, if I ever see this beer I will buy it for the name alone. There are some very bizarrely named beers out there and I'm convinced breweries give them the bizarre names knowing they'll sell.
      • [ – ] MrJoelDee parent reply Yeah, I can see it being purely on there as a selling point. I think I remember watching the "A Very White Porn Star" vid from YT. I actually wasn't familiar, believe it or not, with the myth of the brown note, I had to look that one up, lol. Sometimes I'll try strong hoppy beers, but generally they're just too strong for my pallet. Maybe if I drank them enough, I'd get used to them, I dunno, but generally I prefer something that's not too strong on hops.
        • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply As I keep mentioning, I'm not a huge fan of IPAs, because of the sharp hops. However, I keep reviewing them because I know my viewers want to see variety in my beer selection. Over time I have started to build a tolerance to the sharp hops. So yes, I think if you drink them enough, you will get used to them. I'm guessing you prefer sweet beers over savory. If that's true, do you prefer darker coffee/chocolate beers or brighter fruit beers?
          • [ – ] MrJoelDee parent reply Honestly, outside of typical beers like Bud Light and Guinness, I haven't experimented too much. Guinness CAN be a little strong sometimes, but it's a strong that I like. I've tried a fruit beer here and there. My cousin Nathan buys some different ones quite often that I've tried a few of if I was at his house. Some I liked ok, some, not so much. Not long ago, I bought a coffee/vanilla/mint combo and a coffee/chocolate/mint combo, mainly cause I'm a huge coffee fan. The coffee/vanilla/mint had a very noticeable mint taste, but not very much coffee or vanilla. The coffee/chocolate/mint didn't have as much mint taste but also wasn't there with the coffee or chocolate. I didn't really like either. That won't stop me from trying other flavors and other coffee flavors, but those 2 were just yucky. Maybe because I'm not yet used to beers outside the box so to speak enough yet.
            • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply It takes time to develop a pallet. I know when I first started out I would sometimes delete a review video before I finished it, because I felt I couldn't describe the beer well enough. They would basically taste like typical beer to me. However, I very seldom do that anymore, because I have developed my pallet so much over time.
              • MrJoelDee parent reply Yeah that's what I find with a lot of beers that I THINK are going to just "wow" me with the flavor they're supposed to be, and they end up just tasting like regular old beer or super hoppy or something. Hopefully over time my pallet will also develop further and I'll eventually be able to better distinguish the flavors more.
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