Springbok farewell

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  • thankssomuch reply I enjoy ASMR and always enjoyed your presentation and voice. But most of all, I appreciated your intelligence, perspective and insights into subjects like self-awareness and health. You have a really great sense of humor and are a delightful person - one of the bright stars in a sea of blah. My favorite video of all is the hotel check in. Your voice always grants such serenity and peace. Thanks for all of the videos and for the opportunity to know you through the medium. I am certain you have a positive impact on so many others. The world is a better place because you are in it. Thank you!
  • renamoo reply I see you, sister. Through all the joy, tears and laughter. I see you. I see your heart and mind. You have a gift. You see people, too. You support hurting people just as much as you'd like that support for yourself. Evil doesn't want someone like you to exist. Because you bring so much love. Hate hates love. They will reap what they sow. But love those that hate you, anyways. Not for them. But for yourself. Many prayers and love to you, sister.
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