You Can't Play These Games WTF

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  • [ – ] Trevgauntlet reply Check out Street Cleaning Simulator. xD
  • [ – ] MrMemeKing reply If its not a porn simulator or jerking simulator I'm not interested.
  • [ – ] KotaTail reply Simulators are just a genre where you just come up with something random and all it does is just do something or nothing :P
  • [ – ] AaronMcHale reply I wouldn't mind a Lunch Simulator, if it means I don't have to buy lunch every day XD
  • [ – ] MurderedCarrot reply pfft, rip off artists. Sacrifice on itch.io is a good example of what a free game should be.
  • [ – ] UberMicroGaming reply Omg you are right. I've noticed a lot of these games popping up as well.
  • [ – ] Malum reply I think it is likely people are buying them as a laugh, or gifting them as a joke. If its a $1 and having a few friends check out "BSOD Simulator" and everyone has a good laugh at it, I think it was worth the $1. Haven't bought any of these "do nothing" simulators myself, but I can see some appeal.
    • GamerRaf parent reply I guess that if you look at them like that it's ok. My problem is when people fundraise these games. It doesn't make sense to me.
  • [ – ] Harbinger50 reply haha, "you can buy a sandwich with that money" classic.
  • [ – ] WonderfulDraws reply As long they are not false advertising it's fine. It's much worse if you support someone doing misleading ads
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply A lot of simulators these days can't even be compared to mini games in actual playable stuff, I agree its getting quite stupid.
  • [ – ] nexxtmediaguide reply nice video! I think this is just another trend like FNAF...., that game sux and I was surprised people where talking about it like it was something amazing.....,
    • GamerRaf parent reply That's the thing, people do that. I remember when mountain sim came out there where many people talking about how awesome it was. That game sucked lol I played it once.
  • [ – ] TVG_GameZ reply its a free market...if people wanna buy stupid shit then at least we know who is stupid
    • GamerRaf parent reply Hahahah to each its own... I guess. When I got mountain sim I wanted a refund but it was $1 lol I could've seemed crazy hahahaha
  • [ – ] Spriggsy reply You unknowingly just started up a bunch of games. I predict that Floor Simulator will hit the top of the Steam charts by end of 2017 :D
  • [ – ] deadchick9182 reply Top notch quality content
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply you just gave me and idea wall simulator gonna start working on it. the gameplay is going to blow your mind off. lol
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply No Raf you just gave them ideas! Lol but yeah, these people are doing it as a "Joke" which spawned from the paid mods debacle on steam. That people are still doing it, and making money off it is beyond me though. Good vid.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Lol I did... damn lol. I can understand if they are free but when they sell them it's ridiculous. Oh well, people can do whatever they want with their money 😂
  • [ – ] eidojodie reply I can't believe people actually donate money to simulators that don't do anything haha!
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