RFID Tags At Work? Bible Project Reading Psalm 144

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  • [ – ] JaysTechTv reply the government does not see no one wants it
    • JohnnyAppleseed2 parent reply Yea, but you see what's going to happen is that they see the potential for people control, not to mention marketing opportunities. So- they're gona continue to push it more and more, offering incentives (convienant shopping, etc.)more and more until, just like so many other things; phones, cars, etc. people will begin to go for it and see it as a necessity. But what really so astounding is that the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible (and other scriptures) predicted all this 2000 + yrs. ago B4 there was even electricity! Think about that!
    • BibleandBlues parent reply I'm with you, but in the story 50 out of the 80 people decided to go for it. So at least out of that sampling over half were good with it.
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