Skeptosphere vs SJWarrior101

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  • TheMac reply I love a good porter.
  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply Nice video. I find it amazing that SJWarrior101 seems to watch completely different channels to me. But he has hit on two things that I intend to write about shortly: 1. Why I like small (tiny) channels, thus refuting his, in it for the money narrative (with respect to those creators). 2. My utter dislike of the mindreading act, so prevalent amongst SJWs (though not only them), where someone claims to now the motives of those they are criticising. Criticising a persons views and arguments, and debunking those is fine. But to attack via strawmanning a person's motives, is frankly, pathetic. I also wanted to say, when he criticised those who pwn & insult, I immediately thought: and that explains Steve Shives, Kevin Logan, Michael Rowlands, et al. And this guy is such a disingenious cunt! Pretending that it took Vidcon to change people's behaviour, when most that I already watched had said the same things beforehand. And the SJW side never indulge in gratious insults, misreprese...morentation, malignments, etc. (See previous list of names.)
    • InaneDragon parent reply There is definitely something to your point that you have "pwnage" types on both sides. In an early draft, I had a longer spiel about the value of "pwnage" as moral boost, whether it's the SJW's Kev & Mike or "anti's" Undoomed. Which got reduced down to the quick point about how Undoomed & some others have not been in the "let's build bridges" camp. To his credit, VidCon very definitely increased the number of people calling for a more friendly approach & the volume with which they made the call. But yeah, without enough info on the people who were at VidCon, what they were saying behind closed doors, and all the rest, I choose not to speculate on what their motives might be. I'm somewhere between "mind-reading" and "make no assumptions". We're humans, programmed to read social situations and each other & psychology gives us a few models to expand and improve upon our natural empathy. So, in that sense, if I feel I know the people involved & the situation they're in well enough, I'm ...morewilling to make estimates of their motives or thinking on a subject. I think in his original video, he may have prefaced his assumptions better, making it seem less like he was asserting that this was necessarily the motive, rather than what he fears the motive might be.
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