Top 7 Most Challenging NES Games

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Falcon punch.... literally ha!
    • RetroBit parent reply I laughed a lot harder than I'd like to admit when I landed that punch on the bird. Hahaha.
  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply I did legit love Bayou Billy. God's honest truth, but yeah, it was hard as hell, but It is in my pantheon of games I beat without game genie.
    • SkepticalCaveman parent reply Yeah, Bayou Billy is quite hard, way harder than Punch Out. Punch Out shouldn't be on this list Castlevania is harder and even Double Dragon 2. The Only game on this list that I have played but not beaten is Blaster Master. I should get serious and finally finish it. It isn't really harder than Bayou Billy but it's a much longer game so when you die you don't really want to restart the game from the beginning.
    • RetroBit parent reply That's impressive. Bayou Billy is probably the toughest scrolling fighter I've ever played. The game doesn't give you a second to breathe! Haha
  • [ – ] StopMotionJ reply Journey to Silius is hard but a really good game and the music is awesome!
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Journey to Silius is REALLY tough. I hadn't played it before this video- it was recommended to me by @Rawman . Deff one of my favorite NES games now and I agree, the music is top tier NES chiptune :D
  • [ – ] Vagitarian reply Yeah so I had a real hard time with Castlevania and Castlevania 3. Blaster Master not so much, did beat that one and Ghosts n Goblins. You have to spin in mid air at the red devil bastard. Punch out I could only beat Mike Tyson with decision at the end.
    • [ – ] SkepticalCaveman parent reply You beat Blaster Master but think Castlevania and Punch Out are hard? Punch Out is easy for me so I don't understand why everyone thinks it's so hard, might be because it's one of my absolute favorite games. Castlevania is hard, but compared to Blaster Master, really? Bayou Billy I have only finnished 3 times I think. I was twelve so I don't remember.
      • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply I grew up playing the original Castlevania so it's relatively easy for me now, but I could definitely see how brutal Castlevania 3 could be to people who haven't played or had limited access to it. Punch out itself isn't the hardest game ever- but the Mike Tyson fight- Jesus Christ the Mike Tyson fight, lol.
        • [ – ] SkepticalCaveman parent reply Mike Tyson is easy. I think the problem most face are modern slow updating TV's that gives to much input lag to beat him. I still have a CRT for my NES so l have no problem to TKO Tyson/Mr. Dream.
          • RetroBit parent reply Holy crap, I never even thought about that. Looks like it's time I dig up my old CRT and give this a shot! haha.
    • [ – ] Vagitarian parent reply That is I DID beat Castlevania 1 and 3, but they took a lot out of me.
      • RetroBit parent reply Oh man. Castlevania was pretty tough bit Castlevania 3 was so brutal at times. With Mike Tysons I tried for almost an hour to get a couple hits in but reaction time just isn't good enough anymore I guess. Haha. I'm going to try that trick out on Ghost & Goblins because any point I get to a Red Devil I either get very lucky after it berserks or I die. :p
  • [ – ] JamesBarnes reply Great list of my faves.....
  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply Wow.....I'm SO glad I didn't have to deal with any of these lol
    • RetroBit parent reply Hahaha. And these are just the games that are actually PLAYABLE, there are many more out there a thousand times worse. That I've played for a future video :-( lol
  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply I gotta say, the hardest game I am aware if isn't on the list. You should check out, The Immortal. I promise without looking up stuff or a game genie, you probably can't get more than two or three rooms in the game. It is hard and beyond cryptic.
    • [ – ] Nicodemous52 parent reply But, it might qualify as terrible. Most people haven't played it I'm fairly sure, it's kind of obscure.
      • RetroBit parent reply I've never heard of Immortal before, but I did find a copy on eBay for cheep- looks like I'll have to give this one a go blind. Especially when it comes as a recommended hardest! Looks like an isometric rpg, my fingers are crossed it turns out to be good. Haha.
  • Psychogentleman reply With Ghosts 'N Goblins, it seems you forgot to mention that you had to go through the entire game twice in order to finish it cause the game is just that evil. Other than that, good job.
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