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VulpeculASMR: SCP-████: Scariest SCP? A Reading of SCP-205: Shadow Lamps | Creepy Anomalies Series

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August 8 2017

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🦊 HiHi All! And welcome ^_^ Tis I, Ecchilita Fox, fox-girl extraordinaire! You've returned and, in the spirit of celebration, so to speak, I've decided to start a bit of a spin-off series for your listening pleasure. Celebrating what, you might ask? Well my first 30 (+1) SUBSCRIBERS of course! Some may think it is a small number, but I am just happy you lovely people out there are enjoying the content I put out. So, I've added a new series to the mix - one I've been wanting to do for quite some time. I am hardly the creepiest anomaly out there. Nah, I'm adorable! And sweet to boot :P But this Foundation is full of 'em, and I am on the hunt for the scariest, squirmiest, most chill inducing ones I can find, so that I can deliver them to you in sweet dulcet tones in that ASMR style. You thought the Grimm Fairy Tales were nightmare-inducing... ...those are mere child's play. Meet SCP-205. Shadow Lamps. Demons, murder, deception. Don't get too close, especially not in the darkness, or you might find yourself separated dfrom your mind, body and soul. So comment below - let me know your thoughts. Scary? Do you have a favourite? Let me know. If it's scary enough, it might just b next... 🦊 *murrs and scurries away* *🦊*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*🦊* The Foundation has located, secured and contained a new anomaly. Vulpine in nature, yet humanoid in form, [REDACTED] has been renamed as SCP-2651, going as the fox-girl currently known as Ecchilita Fox. Specializing in roleplay and story-telling ASMR, she is not meant for human consumption... or is she?... The curious little fox knows she is not alone, not the only creatured confined and sentenced to live out a life of experiments in solitude. But who and what else exists? Using her ne-found and growing telepathic abilities, she is on the search to provide her D-class visitors with the knowledge of what they are fed to, day in and day out... because all knowledge is worth having. 🦊Triggers🦊 Deep breathing Soft spoken Whispering Whimpering? Sleepy fox girl sounds??? 🦊Credits🦊 Image - Thanks to Hushtone ASMR! Check his work out here! Intro & Outro: Public domain sound bite purchased from 🦊Check these out! 🦊 My Twittah: My Reddit: My Insta: My Tumblr (ASMR and NSFW): Roleplaying: 🦊 Like, subscribe, share! Get these FoxTales out there! 🦊 #ASMR #ASMRsoftspoken #ASMRwhispering #SCP #ASMRroleplay #ASMRvideo #ASMRcommunity #whispers #whispering #helpmesleep #sleep #relaxation #anxiety #anxietyhelp #anxietyrelief #depression #depressionhelp #sleepaid #insomniacs #nosleep #icantsleep #calmingvoice #female #canadian #goodnight #spookyasmr #darkasmr #SCProleplay #scpfoundation #stressrelief #sleep #asmrforsleep #scariestSCP

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