The butterfly ufo? what do you think?

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  • ALIEN-ADDICT reply Ha mate how u find this platform I've just joined? I like your video style 👽 My YouTube channel is ALIEN ADDICT and I've Debunked Tyler many times this is 100% been done on Adobe After Effects my friend, about 8 month ago I got into a Twitter battle with Tyler where he said I was just bitter about his success & making debunk videos to ride on the back of his channel, this was not the case I ❤️ed secureteam10 once but when I got deep into UFOlogy I realized some of his videos were Hoaxes that's when I started Debunking Hoax channels. I do now however see a change in his channel and maybe he is doing the right thing. Anyway pal u got a new follower as I see your just reporting your thoughts maybe sometime I could interview u on ALIEN ADDICT
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