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  • JackJ reply Your channel name on VIDME, Gabor, is too difficult to remember. Shouldn't you come up with an easier-to-remember name better than RKHarleyguy415708?
  • Ledererable reply if they find something, then ohomo will blame the russians for doing it greetings from germany
  • jfredfrog reply Potus 45 walked into a "outhouse" . Just raze it and rebuild. He can work out of the Postoffice he bought the rest of his terms and probably get more done.
  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply JackJ is right.... an easier name would be easier to program into my Smart TV. In the mean time, I'll just use my Dell.
  • jacktripper69 reply They have miracle ears hiding everywhere
  • greenspudtrades reply Those leaks are coming from somewhere... "renovations" are a good way of gutting the interior to find those CIA bugs.
  • painiac2 reply Surprise Surprise!! They need to calling the exterminators while they are at it.
  • Jerusalem1958 reply I am so pleased to be listening to you on vidme.
  • EyesWideOpen22 reply More people are leaving Youtube
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The press briefings should have very very restricted access as these days the reporters can easily bring in surveillance equipment. There should be a separate entrance for them and washroom faculties that keeps these hostile forces from having the opportunity of planting any transmission devices. A faraday cage designed to stop radio frequencies that stop radio frequencies that could transmit what is being said could also be built into several areas of the White House. There are several ways of unwanted interception occurring. LED lights can be a problem as they can be use as they respond to sound. Even the Electrical system can be used to spy on the president, lets not forget parabolic dishes. Today Shielding in the White house is critical, The White house should also consider installing a Quantum Computer in the White house itself to ensure that communications are not being intercepted or rerouted, it's that serious. Wireless data from every light bulb | Harald Haas
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Please Sign Up For Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter Facebook & Youtube
  • OldTimer reply I said long ago when I heard before Trump took office Banana Obama had ordered just before he left office to have the Oval office be completely rentavated, that right there big red flags should have gone up to Trump that why would a leaving failed president order to have the office all redone when he was leaving why would it concern him only for one reason to have the Oval office bugged having ears to hear of everything being said within this is where the leaks are coming from & continuing to come from that big brother has been listrning in all this time...
  • GinoForever2017 reply Good morning Gabe..
  • tigger183 reply Nice to see you here, after YouTube decided to ban you for wrongthink. All the best mate.
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