My Stresses, and How I Deal with Them.

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  • [ – ] WebNoob reply I sit in a dark closet for an hour and the stress goes away.
  • [ – ] Leadhead reply What happened, thought VidMe was the answer to the corrupted YT, I think the disease may have found its way into VidMe. Your content is awesome, keep up the great work... cheers!!
  • Finnishking reply ❤️ simple message, true statement 😅
  • JustABloke reply Once blocking comes in, goodbye the jealous people, some of us enjoy your content 🙂
  • temporalmix reply Hope you feel better. Cool channel.
  • I3UTM reply Stress is not an inherent human value or trait. It is feeds off anxiety, doubt, and fear. Change is the only thing constant in this universe. Stress needs the status quo. We need Change to overcome that. You must empty your Stress to free the Change within you. ^-^
  • sheehanchaudhuri reply If you like, support my new channel. Thank you very much 👌🏽👌🏽
  • gridsleep reply Anyone who doesn't realize that life sucks and then you die, and that you have to Pollyanna or Buster Brown through the whole thing, is a total idiot. Realize it's never always good, and that is what strength is for. And courage. What makes the muskrat guard his musk?
  • gridsleep reply Come to think of it, I'll bet you like Rockbitch.
  • gridsleep reply Use all your plushies as packing material. 8)
  • gridsleep reply There are probably others, but you're the first U2br I've seen who also has a Vidme channel. Congratulations. I've gotten to the point in which I can embrace the lows as just another part of myself, even if I am unable to even be interested in the computer and can only lay on the bed and feel my muscles ache. You're doing fine. Even if you're not. You're gonna carry that weight.
  • thepaulthomson reply I loved so many of your points in this video. :) #stressfree
  • John-Goras reply I find Suicidal Tendencies is a good antidote to stress. Esp. the "How Will I laugh tomorrow?"track Or farther back, on the lighter side "I Saw Your Mommy....And your Mommy's Dead."
  • Westley_Nash reply Change is rarely easy I find, even that which we welcome; but I do believe that without change lives can become stagnant & that the longer we are in that stagnancy the more we come to see it as normal. Stress is the same as there is chronic & acute stress, acute stress is sudden & happens in the moment, chronic stress is constant & prolonged & we tend to stop seeing it as a problem; that's when it makes us physically & mentally ill. Sorry to sound like a nerd 😁 YouTube is slowly becoming less relevant to me. I get far more views & feedback on VidMe, which is probably more important to me than the monetisation (I barely earn anything on my videos anyway) Editing is like the hangover to the creative party 😉 But I do think that VidMe is more about the creativity rather than the money... Hopefully it stays that way.
  • tonygreene113 reply Baby why you so stressed? You got the web by the short curlers! Dominate these mofos like I know you can!!
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