Top 5 Best and Worst Covers

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply Bottom 5: 5. Baez' style just didn't work for this song. 4. The original by Murray Head can never be topped, but to be fair, Everyone's version doesn't sound execrable. 3. Talking Heads' Burning Down The House is fucking awesome. However, you are right to call The Exiles' cover asinine. Seriously, it sounds like it's on downers. 2. I agree completely, this cover is an embarrassment. Come on, the fucking Fat Boys would have done a far better job. 1. I'd rather listen to Limp Bizkit over the late '90s-mid '00s pop scene. (e. g. Shakira, any boy band, etc.) On the other hand, they should have left the George Michael song alone. Top 5: 5. Now, this is a cover! Slade's version tried too hard. 4. The Lover Speaks? More like The Lover Somewhat Sucks. 3. Stevie Wonder was at his best during the '70s, and I also like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 2. Just imagine if Hendrix and Dylan collaborated together... 1. You can do far worse than Reznor and Marilyn Manson. (Try Francine Louise and Cristina V...moreee.) However, you are right that they can't compare to Johnny Cash. As for Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal, I'd say it's just as good as the original.
  • pokematic reply Jimmy's a 1 hit wonder you say? Oh Todd, I have a patreon request.
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