Ass-Backward Compatibility

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  • [ – ] IndigoGaming reply Didn't realize they could do worse than their PS3 streaming service. If there's one way to piss off your fans, it's to tell them what they do and don't want.
  • insaneonthemembrane reply "A feminist with one chin" LMFAO.
  • Kentantino reply sony is getting stupider every year it pass lol
  • snatch219 reply Speaking of Sly Cooper. Hey Sony, when are we getting that Sly Cooper movie you announced over three years ago? *crickets intensifies*
  • SamEarl13 reply "Why would anyone play this?" Well perhaps its because some people have common sense and prioritize gameplay over graphics. How do these people get jobs.
  • KayToons reply The only time i've used PS Now was for the free trial and that was just because I wanted to finish Uncharted 3 before the 4th one came out since some guy took my hard copy. I wouldn't mind PS Now if they offered more than just ps3 games. If they threw in ps2 and ps1 games, maybe it would be at least a little decent. No one is going to pay $100 a year for that crap though
  • EquallyWorthless reply This is just my anecdotal experience, but I fucking loved the backwards compatibility in the Gameboy Advance and the Wii. My family skipped the Gamecube and when we got a Wii I was excited to play my step-brother's Gamecube games. There were a lot of OG Gameboy games I still wanted to play, but I'm not going to carry my Gameboy color and Gameboy Advance SP. I was disappointed when the DS couldn't play Gameboy games, but I vaguely understood why. Backwards compatibility does nothing but good. How do they know people don't use it anyway? Are there cameras and microphones on the Piss Poor watching us fap?
  • ChazDragoon reply the fuck is a Playstation NOW? *scratches chin* That mean my Playstation is on a time delay or some shit? :3c
  • CrazyJoeWurst37 reply just go on Amazon and buy a PS one and two
  • SC87Returns reply I would like to have some PS3 games like Dead Space, GTA IV etc to play on My PS4. Unfortunately Sony will not allow it :(
  • Brologic_Productions reply I think I got an aneurysm from hearing what that exec had to say. Like forget collectors, It's even stupider when you consider some games on the ps2 ARE STILL BEING PRINTED! I found that out from a small game store and they know the market better than this guy!
  • TGJYT reply Awesome video man
  • Spanglishhorse reply Everybody wants backwards compatibility, because it's easier than switching over different consoles. So yeah, I want the PS4 to be completely backwards compatible.
  • Spanglishhorse reply Everybody wants backwards compatibility, because it's easier than switching over different consoles. So yeah, I want the PS4 to be completely backwards compatible.
  • mindofklink reply Let's be honest, he works in sales. Sales/marketing reps only care about the short-term bottom line and not about what gamers actually want.
  • JonThomas reply Well said! You managed to put into words what everyone has been thinking, and then some! Good job
  • Ms_K reply this was HILARIOUS!!!! I had to follow you!!!! #upvoted
  • LunaSerenity reply Dude it's not just that, honestly the cross play thing now. They are the only console without it now, but hey " they know what we want better then us" right? /s
  • TheScreaminGoat reply I like Sony and the PlayStation brand but some things they do baffle me.
  • DeckerShado reply Ahh, I remember my move to Texas.. leaving behind my entire game collection with my brother in Pennsylvania. I also remember buying a PS3 down here. Not the first one I found, but after painstakingly combing the stores for a used 60gb launch model, because goddamn I wanted that backwards compatibility. And I've used it extensively, between my friend's huge PS2 collection and my own purchases of games I missed from the PS1 era such as Road Rash 3D. But seriously.. the guy honestly argued that backwards compatibility is moot.. because dem graphics doe? In a world where Minecraft continues to sell like crack laced krispy kreme donuts that cure aids and come with a side of hot cakes? (to paraphrase you, Mr. Fist) Is a prerequisite for getting big in any major company being completely out of touch with reality?
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