Fallout Shelter Is My Guilty Pleasure

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  • pokematic reply To answer your "guilty pleasure" question, I enjoy a lot of things people would consider "guilty pleasures," such as DC Super Hero Girls, Pok√©mon anime, non-reboot cartoon network cartoons, Adam West Batman, Sonic, dance pop, the Super Mario Bros movie, etc. I just don't call them "guilty pleasures" because I wear my fandom on my sleeve and I'll strait up tell you "I think Adam Sandler is funny."
  • pokematic reply I've put loads of hours into it, and I've gotten to the point where it's practically self sustaining (multiple collector robots, max out the stim packs and radaway, 2 groups of maxed out ultra armored quest completers, half a million caps, 200 dwellers, all floors, etc.) It's a fun pick-up and play. I found no need to do micro-transactions.
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