I found a Haribo Yellow Belly with a helmet :P

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  • nodetact reply So obviously with my latest activity and upvotes, I've by now at least seen and approved of videos that SE does that admitting to be isn't indeed what you'd expect from his channel, which promises little paywall to non profit retro gaming, under passed products and other things, just not slice of life or "community cleaning" variations of his commentary. The only concern I have is, his definition of (@SamEarl13, just bear with me: The first time I referred to you in 3rd person, I meant to be wide minded, but this is kind of just occasional tradition by now ahaha) what counts as proper content may not quite be the same as other Vidizens and content creators would put it. Not just people immersed in those alternative genres, but also whom find dealing with mysterious oddities and neglected issues is part of the solution... But Sam already became that for us. :)
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