Is Star Trek a Communist Utopia?

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  • timtheinsane reply "... to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before" is that incentive; the privilege of exploring the galaxy with the resources of The Federation behind you. Sure, you could independently explore, but it's at your own cost and with limited capability. In return, you act as a para-military protectorate for The Federation, via Starfleet. Essentially, the economy is run on, as you mentioned, meritocracy... and accolades; recognition of discovery and rank/decisive control on where and what to explore. I'm sure it comes with other non-monetary benefits. It's meritocracy in an exceptionally pure form.
  • nightone1 reply They'll at mind control chips in their head that pacifies them without destroying imagination or problem-solving ability so all feel strong sense of pride in their work & have strong work ethic
  • KimHanson reply I always got the feeling the writers just put this "no money" & "better ourselves" system in place to make it sound futuristic. It never occurred to me it was a political agenda. If they tried that today, no doubt in my mind it would be propaganda. In the end I'm damn sure the writers, producers and actors couldn't give you a coherent explanation of the economics of Star Trek.
  • Benthejrporter reply If only you could suspend you disbelief, you'd enjoy the programme a lot more, Dave.
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