'Liberal' college promotes inclusiveness through segregation!

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  • ArbiterAbaddon reply Mate. You've got stay uploading here lol. I see you're videos on YouTube hours and hours before VidMe. I would prefer VidMe over YouTube.
  • GoMGTOW reply Good to see you on Vidme Bearing!
  • Forestal reply Students seized the college campus, corralled the Dean (who made the Campus police stand down) and barricaded the Campus police because Professor Bret Weinstein refused to leave campus for 2017's "day without whites"-- this will be commemorated in history as the day the "Cultural Revolution" began in USA... the most amazing thing is that, unlike the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so many Americans like the Professor Bret Weinstein himself, are so "progressive" that they never saw this coming
  • FindingWonderment reply Why is the world trying to create inequality towards white people? That woman claims people of colour experience racism differently than white people. If that's the case, why not have everybody discuss their experiences to bring about a bonding of family? This type of action only encourages discrimination. One could pull that victims of bullying treat different situations differently depending on how they were bullied, or stances on nudity and body-image differ depending on opinion. #weareone
  • Leadhead reply Your laugh is fabulous...
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