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Thunder Dragon - RollerCoaster Tycoon Metal Medley - GP6 Cover, Remastered

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September 9 2017

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Finally, I have a music video of my RCT Metal Medley GP6 Remastered cover. This is way overdue but with the effort I put into this video, there was no way I would have uploaded this alongside my Digimon METAL Medley I & II GP6 Remastered music videos which are why I uploaded those two without this but I have released my MP3 and tab of this cover on January 1, 2016 within my 2017 Update Video. Compared to my first version's music video (which is just the album art), I put so much effort into making screenshots and video clips for my remastered music video. Well, for the most part, I used my old save files of existing RCT1 & RCT2 scenarios for RCT1/RCT2 songs (as well as scenarios that already have stuff in them) in OpenRCT2 (which is why it's widescreen but I used the actual games for the title music), but I made a Candy Land and Toyland-themed park in OpenRCT2 for the respective songs in the Rock Style 3 Medley. I just use scenarios and areas that would fit each theme in the medley. As for my RCT3 songs, while I used an old save of my playthrough of the RCT3 Soaked! scenario Cast Away Get Away and made video clips for the RCT3 Soaked! song, "Surf Shack" (I had fun doing video clips to transition to "Nemesis Quest"). The rest of the clips for RCT3 songs are from a rock n' roll-themed park I made for this medley, which I dub "Rock n' Roller Coasters Festival". List of music down below and changes I made compared to my obsolete version (I also changes bridges for digital guitars in my remaster to prevent guitars becoming monophonic in the center when playing the same note, as well as remaking slides in Guitar Pro 6 to be one note at a time since I hated how slides were programmed in Guitar Pro 6 where they would slide half-past the duration). RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 & 2 music by Allister Brimble (Pirate Style is a traditional sea shanty covered by him while Fantasy Style was composed by Steve Blenkinsopp) 0:01 - "RollerCoaster Tycoon Title Music" 0:48 - "RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Title Music" 1:29 - "Flight of Fantasy" (Fantasy style) - I changed the riffs for the rhythm guitars 2:04 - "Caesar's March" (Roman fanfare style) - I extended chords for rhythm guitars one ear at a time. 2:49 - "Ninja's Noodles" (Oriental style) - Last note before Pirates Style is now a G chord. 3:09 - "What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor" (Pirates style) 3:44 - "Airtime Rock" (Rock style) - Changed riff for rhythm guitars in some measures. • Custom guitar solo • 3:56 - "Big Rock" (Rock style 2) [Right Lead Guitar] 4:00 - "Big Rock" (Rock style 2) - Some bends in left guitar and fades in right guitar 4:18 - "Space Rock" (Rock style 3) • Custom guitar solo • 4:27 - "Techno Torture" (Modern style) [Right Lead Guitar] • 4:36 - "Pipes of Glencairn" (Medieval style) [Left lead guitar with "Techno Torture" (Modern style) still playing on the right] • 4:44 - "Pharoah's Tomb" (Egyptian style) • 4:53 - "Sweat Dreams" (Candy style) [left guitar] + "Eternal Toybox" (Toyland style) [right guitar] - Fixed the first riff of Candy Style. Download link for my Candy Land and Toy Land park in pinned comment • 4:57 - "Eternal Toybox" (Toyland style) [left guitar] + "Sweat Dreams" (Candy style) [right guitar] - Now includes a riff of Candy Style on right guitar • 5:02 - "Traffic Jam" (Urban style) [left guitar with a custom solo on right guitar but swapped at 5:06] RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 music by Alistair Lindsay (download link for my Rock n' Roller Coaster Festival located in pinned comment) • 5:11 - "Rock Like A Dude" • 5:58 - "Surf Shack" • 6:12 - "Nemesis Quest" - Right Lead Guitar panning left & right in the intro and note pitch adjustments for it and updated clean lead in chorus • 7:11 - "Flat Head Four" [Custom solo with an actual solo riff starting at 7:33] • 7:49 - "Summer Air" • 8:00 - "Galaxy Trooper" Song: "RollerCoaster Tycoon Metal Medley - GP6 Cover, Remastered" Artist: Thunder Dragon Album: TD Video Game Covers Track #: 4 Year: 2017 Genre: Instrumental Metal Created in: Guitar Pro 6 Download MP3 and/or Guitar Tabs: • MP3 only: /redirect? • MP3 + Tabs: /redirect? Copyright • RCT1 & RCT2 music: ©Allister Brimble, but "Flight of Fantasy (Fantasy style)" was composed by Steve Blenkinsopp while "What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor (Pirates style)" is a traditional song. • RCT3 music: ©Alistair Lindsay • Medley Arrangement: ©Thunder Dragon Productions/TDPNeji/NejiHyuga900/Thunder Dragon • License Status: Unlicensed - I was not authorized to make this song cover (I only made this for fun). The original artist or record label has the right to claim my song cover or video if they wish unless if I get my cover properly licensed. I apologize for not asking permission to publish this song cover but if you, the author, are fine with it, thank you, I appreciate it.

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