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  • [ – ] realLain011001 reply lain likes eerie tunes
    • nodetact parent reply @WebNoob I actually have seen this Vidizen some time before you DM'ed me about him yourself. I don't know if his project's content is original (like how this video was original albeit using already existing anime and OST's) but as I try to make more and more out of people like Lain, I remarkably do not regret it like how I do everything for a reason. I'll give his website another browse eventually, but I can't promise what even confusingly horrific people to the likes of myself and you, Web, don't want to find themselves contradicting upon. Alas, since @thy_koosk and I, too, uploaded very close to the same time as you also have, I'd much rather keep my exploratory promise that I'm making within this very comment (its also convenient that you two are among my few current followers!), and double this up as my review: So is this like a PMV/MAP, only even though its just a cleverly thrice-spliced rip merged with cleverly placed anime cut scenes, I never mind content like yours that is pe...morerfectly okay with their own standards of what makes a video either visually worthy, just for the sake of not being held to such high standards like what my newest video is saying in its description, how girls like yourself either just seek out carefree lives without any further damage, or even to really do something that I won't apparently do in this comment, which is be direct with taking risks. But you aren't bad, not in the long shot of it. I don't believe in excuses, only reasons!
  • [ – ] Antoine92003 reply When you're dead inside --- btw watched the whole vid what is wrong with me.
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply V A P O R W A V E A F .
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