Jumping to Conclusions About Classic Sonic in Forces - Rant (anotha one)

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  • Andaxion reply i dont know how classic sonic will fit in the story but i think its smart to have him around. in generations it was a nice to switch between play styles and i think itll add to the variety of this new one also.
  • [ – ] Elkplaysandpaints reply It is really annoying how some fanbases like to assume they know more about something than they really do and immediately stretch to think of it as a full negative, or even in some cases a full positive, no matter what like there's no in-between. People get impatient all the time and don't stop to think about the bigger picture, especially the Sonic and Nintendo fanbases. That was some interesting insight though. I never saw X-Men: Days of Future Past, but it was a neat analogy to think about.
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