Can He Beat Me? - 90 Minute Dark Souls Challenge - Challenge Accepted

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  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply I love that you treat this entire episode as like... just a gaming commentary. Like not normal commentary, nah, like it's a soccer match and you're the announcer. I love it.
    • Aleksander1441 parent reply When I watched it back I knew I couldn't just upload it as is because he's so quiet, and putting it to music didn't feel right either, so I decided to do commentary to his video xD I'm glad you enjoyed it man! I'm just happy I could salvage it xD
  • [ – ] MeloDotty reply Everything must be possible. Except maybe this insane challenge. I'm gonna look into if theres a version of this for bloodborne. XD
    • Aleksander1441 parent reply Just have to git gud as they say xD For Bloodborne I'm not sure, I picked DKS1 because you can get to the first several bosses without having to do it with much order, but the other Souls games I feel like are a little more linear with their progression. If you can think of a challenge in it let me know!
  • [ – ] Androo_NR_Gaming reply My guess is he can't, BUT, let's see if his bold strategies pay off, Cotton!
    • Aleksander1441 parent reply If he hadn't fucked up the beginning he honestly would've destroyed me haha. I would love to go back and redo mine, but the world (and, more importantly my heart) isn't ready for that yet xD
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