How to Deal with Multi-Channel Networks as a Small Creator | VidMe Exclusive

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  • DBFig reply @-MECHAMOJI- Especially Machinima. The horror stories I've heard are crazy.
  • dividnil reply Avoid Machinima & Fullscreen. They WILL screw you over.
  • falken1974 reply Even if you're big, don't go with somewhere that's going to give you anything less than 90% and a 1 month opt out.
  • GamersWithReason reply Yeah, Machinima has been known for having people sign LIFETIME contracts. Thankfully many people have gotten out of it. But they were stubborn in trying to keep as many people possible stuck in the contracts.
  • TheRealdealdude2 reply Im in Curse network luckily since I had a very good month for views lol... I was with Freedom... and basically they're wack as shit really lmao
  • Dino reply @EveryVideoEver Wouldn't really say that. I'm getting a great cut and I have around 40,000 subscribers which is 40,000 people and most companies/networks know that. If you have 10,000+ subscribers at least you can make brand deals and have custom contracts. But again, most people don't know that and should look at it as a business perspective. But overall, He is right, mcn's do suck but for some of us it doesn't.
  • LMarucha reply I'm not a fan of mcn's to be honest...Personally, I find them unnecessary at best and terrifying at worst. At least from what I've observed through the years. I apologize in advance for the long comment, by the way...... There are so many resources out there on how to grow your channel that an mcn is kind of redundant. Roberto Blake, Draw with Jazza, and Video Creators from youtube offer information on their channel for free, no mcn nor literary any legal contracts required. As for collabs, you should start with smaller creators and only collaborate with the bigger ones when you grow enough for them to notice you. I got offered a youtube video collab by just posting content on tumblr of all places. MCNs used to be helpful before to avoid the legal trouble. However because of youtube's terms of service having an MCN doesn't protect you like it should anymore. Why do you think vidme started to get noticed by youtubers? To be frank, I got offered MCN contracts before via email and I f...morelat out ignored them. However what I do recommend is to get better at networking in general. People don't realize that social media is a skill in itself because it falls under marketing strategies. It's better to create an overall brand online so that if something happens on one platform, you are still recognizable within other social media platforms. And if you don't have time to manage social media you can still hire someone to do it for you, or someone to consult you. Neither of them don't necessarily have to be MCNs.
  • Cheatyhotbeef reply One of the prime role models I looked up is Northernlion, all you have to do is rank high in searches via new games being the first people to make 'Lets Look At' I do feel Vidme's search bar isn't getting that much use there the only tags you can do are #(item) thing
  • Dos_Gaming reply I personally know people who were screwed by Machinima. It's basically border line illegal what they did, they refused to let them leave their contract even when there were parts that let you leave...
  • Mattwo reply You made a exclusive video to give advice about an issue more relevant to YouTube? Also does anyone know if anyone under 18 signed up to the MCNs known to screw people over and what exactly happened as a result of them being too young to sign a legally binding contract?
  • SirBrodacious reply @EveryVideoEver Depends on the MCM. The one I'm looking to join is Curse, and they provide some a lot of nice benefits, no lock-in contract, and an 90/10 share. Ten percent is the most I'd give an MCN, otherwise I'd hire a manager/lawyer.
  • Dino reply @EveryVideoEver Yeah you can have brand deals yourself but they do offer it if you have at least 10,000 subscribers and active meaning networks can help. All my sponsors are not from my network but I always have close contacts with the MCN at any point. My Machinima contract matches my old Curse contract and with more benefits because I asked for a manager and asked for a custom contract.
  • DBFig reply Thanks everyone for all the comments, and lending your thoughts on this. I could have gone on for a long time, but wanted to keep things pretty straight-forward for now. So much I wanted to say, but doubt you wanted to sit through a hour long video. Haha! Thanks for being awesome!
  • DBFig reply @Dos_Gaming Yeah, they are like the gold standard of bad contracts. Ugh.
  • DBFig reply @GamersWithReason Those lifetime contracts were horrible. So abusive. @Mugiwara_NeCoke You're welcome man!
  • DBFig reply @EveryVideoEver Thanks! I agree, I normally tell my buddies starting out to not even think about a MCN until closer to 1k. Even then to not think an MCN is making you "legit" in some way. Yet, the truth is that I know the lure of a partnership is huge. So most jump at the chance. So I rather them know what to look for, and what to expect. I've seen so many get caught up in bad deals, and leave creation because of that experience. :-(
  • DBFig reply This is not normally the content I produce, but wanted to share some thoughts. Thanks for watching everyone!
  • LMarucha reply @Dos_Gaming I used to hear horror stories about machinima years ago. This was before I was taking content making seriously. They kind of messed up the reputation of MCNs, at least in the gaming community.
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