Reasons to Use Windows 10 vs Linux 2017

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  • [ – ] SkepticalCaveman reply I never upgraded from XP. XP was bloated enough and a downgrade from the only really good Windows version: Windows 2000.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I haven't used any Windows OS in like 7 years, Linux Mint has always been my preference, with the Xfce desktop. As long as I can create videos (kdenlive/audacity/gimp/bash), use an office suite (libre office), interact on the internet (chrome/transmission). I don't play any games, all desktops(4) run Linux. To play games we have PS2,3,4 and all of us play games on our mobile phones. Why do I prefer Linux over Windows, everything I need comes with Linux. It also deters others using my machines. As soon as they sit down and look at the screen they are totally lost. And no, dual boot with a windows OS is definitely not an option, waste of HD space 😉
  • Conor reply I've currently got a dual boot setup of Windows 7 and Ubuntu 16.04.02. Unfortunately, Ubuntu has been locking up and restarting the machine out of the blue while using it where Windows 7 hasn't been doing that. Can't identify anything in log files, but it's a fairly catastrophic crash due to the entire system freezing and only recovering after a reboot.
  • IrrelevantHero reply Would you consider putting in screen shots or live video between the two operating systems for supporting visuals? I've been running Ubuntu for a very long time myself. Great video man.
  • wearegods reply WINE is not (an) Emulator. PlayonLinux and Winetricks is sex.
  • wearegods reply I prefer to use Windows 10 on Gaming Rigs. On systems I'm not using for gaming, I throw one of the flavors of Ubuntu, usually Ubuntu-Mate. *shrug*
  • single-player reply I use Kubuntu 16.10, it's awesome ;)
  • patrickballeux reply I do enjoy both Windows 10 and Ubuntu. It all depends on what I want to do on my machines and also the supported hardware. On my old laptops, Ubuntu Mate is best as it's way lighter and better supported. Windows 10 does have amazing apps in the store thus providing more options for everyone. The main reason for using Ubuntu on a computer is providing an easy environment to browse, chat and basic other stuff. There is one thing I do consider where Ubuntu has a major advantage over Windows 10: Hardware support. When plugin in a new device, Windows will take forever to discover the device and hopefully make it available. On Ubuntu, it takes a few seconds and you're ready to go. (That's assuming that both already have support for the device). Strangely, what is missing now is the Ubuntu Linux ecosystem is apps. There's already a ton available but most are old and/or obsolete.
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