The Video That Pushed Me One Step Closer to Getting My Channel Terminated on YouTube!!!

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  • Cutloose_Cara reply It's a staged event. Also, Alison's so-called father is an actor who starred in theater plays and even a frosted flakes commercial. Chris Hurst is now running as candidate for Viriginia's 12th district and his platform includes gun control (no surprise there).
  • freerangehobo reply Every time I see a MSM report of a mass shooting, I automatically think: "STAGED"! This is a sad commentary on the state of our media. It's as if I woke up one morning and realized that I had been a victim of decades of deception, blatant lies and hateful propaganda, coming forth from the "most trusted " names in network news. I cannot explain the rage that swells up within me every time I think of how I have been manipulated into supporting "GREAT" causes, and shunning good people because they seemed to be anti this or anti that, opposing the sacred duties to the American ways. Wasted lives, broken dreams, broken families, despair and hopelessness...our keepers of the public trust are complicit if not wholly responsible for the continuing saga of these dark dramas that enrich their pockets but crumble our security. How thankful we all need to be for journalism that actually speaks truth to power.
  • jdep454 reply YouTube will succeed in kicking the truthers out but its only a matter of time before people realize what's going on. Keep the vidz coming!
  • bradraiche reply That Google has deemed this video to "violate the guidelines" only shows that the channel has been targeted.
  • gilrez reply The Mainstream Media can tell lies all day long, and yet people that speak the truth get prosecuted. Both the Media and the people I think are trying to be controlled by some elected officials in our Government. Drain the swamp!
  • [ – ] jwilson reply Hi Brian, thanks for the video. I've like your videos so far. You seem like a well conscionable guy. I'm unfamiliar with the situation presented in this video. Forgive me, I miss a lot of current events. What tgis story first broke, what was the agenda? 2nd amendment? You mention in the end of your video that maybe this really happened or maybe it was staged to push an agenda. The facts you present are interesting, and I can see why it seems you youself aren't convinced of it. Anyhow, thanks for taking my question. John
  • graymatters reply I hear this gun grabbing fraud is running for office, thus the retroactive purge of truth vids.
  • graymatters reply Isn't his real name Chris Hurt? He's gay man who played Chris Hurst. Her dad is also top 10 worst crisis actors of all time. Plus there is even more evidence of multiple takes of the "shooting".
  • DH1717 reply Looks like a fishy deal, but who knows anymore... nothing makes sense...
  • Lusifer-the-original reply Fake facial expressions. Staged
  • ajacan reply This is the event that woke me up. I should thank these assholes.
  • ManySkills reply It doesn't seem real. The "shocked" look before she was shot wasn't very convincing. And the boyfriend wasn't even phased...and it's not like he was in shock either.
  • America4theFree reply There were two takes. In one, the reporter nods her head before she's shot. In the other, she doesn't.
  • Green_Leaf_Society reply When is the MSM going to stop with these fake ass, bullshit "news" reports. They should at least know by now that their credibility to bring real news is shot to shit. Thanks HighImpactFlix for exposing how deviant our world really is. It's better to know the truth than to be stuck in an alternate reality.
  • tonygreene113 reply The boyfriend definitely doesn't look like he's grieving o.o much at all.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I didnt even hear about this... i was too busy living my life. I dont have a tv
  • Hardhelmet reply The truth how my family aided in the 911 attacks and more at
  • Odr1618 reply DABOO77 ALERT! Google "Trusted Flaggers", 4 New Steps to Control Freedom of Speech
  • Odr1618 reply ALERT! Google "Trusted Flaggers", 4 New Steps to Control Freedom of Speech
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